Patents by W. Gregory Sawyer and Colleagues

Modular Prosthetic Devices” US 2021/0059847 A1  March 4, 2021
W. Gregory Sawyer, Brian P. Bartlett,  D. L. Hood

Perfusion Bioreactor Driven by Osmotic Pressure Gradients” US 2021/0163867 A1  June 3. 2021
T. E. Angelini, T. Bhattacharjee, W. Gregory Sawyer, C. Morley

Mesh Size Control of Lubrication in Gemini Hydrogels” US 10,723,842  Jul. 28 2020
W. Gregory Sawyer, Angela A. Pitenis, J. M. Uruena, R. M. Nixon, K. D. Schulze, T. E. Angelini

Perfusion Enabled BioReactors”  US 2020/0354668 A1  November 12, 2020
W. Gregory Sawyer, S. L. Marshall, E. O McGhee, A. McGhee, K. E. Van Meter, Angela A. Pitenis, J. M. Uruena, D. L. Hood, M. Dougherty, C. Jobin, Jack E. Famiglietti, R. A. Smolcheck, P. P. Levings

Microgel Particles for use in 3D Printing and 3D Cell Growth Medium and Related Compositions, Systems, and Methods
US 2020/0010798 A1   January 9, 2020
W. Gregory Sawyer, S. Park, C. S. O’Bryan, C. P. Kabb, Brent, S. Sumerlin, T. E. Angelini

Systems and methods for using a single-cell to create chromosomal spreads” US 10515450, Issued: December 24, 2019
Tanmay P. Lele, W. Gregory Sawyer

Valve Incorporating Temporary Phase Change Material” US 2019/0070765 A1 March 7, 2019
J. Muse, M. Hughes, C. D. Crane, T. E. Angelini, K. D. Schulze, T. Bhattacharjee, W. G. Sawyer, Curtis Taylor

Fabrication of Autologous Bone” US 2019/0255222 A1  August 22, 2019
W. Gregory Sawyer, T. E. Angelini, Steven C. Ghivizzani, C. Parker Gibbs

Growth Media for Three Dimensional Cell Culture” US 2018/0142194 A1  May 24, 2018
W. Gregory Sawyer, T. E. Angelini, Steven G. Ghivizzani, T. Bhattacharjee, G. D. Palmer

Apparatus for Culturing and Interacting with a Three Dimensional Cell Culture” US 2018/0258382 A1
Benjamin G. Keselowsky, T. E. Angelini, W. G. Sawyer, T. Bhattacharjee

Organic Microgel System for 3D Printing of Silicone Structures” US2018/0057682 A1
T. E. Angelini, Brent S. Sumerlin, C. S. O’Bryan, W. Gregory Sawyer, T. Bhattacharjee 

Articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making the same, and methods of use” US 9580667 B2, WO 2011014288 A3, Issued: Feb. 28, 2017
 W.G. Sawyer, J. Vail

Spinal implant and methods of manufacture thereof” US 20160000575 A1, Pub. Date: Jan. 7, 2016
W.G. Sawyer, B.A. Krick

Fish Baits Made From Ultra Strong Hydrogels” US 20160345566 A1, Pub. Date: Dec. 1, 2016
W.R. Niederhauser, T.E. Angelini, W.G. Sawyer, W.C. Sawyer, M. Norton, B.S. Sumerlin, G.J. Toupalik

Long-life metal sliding contacts” US 9450366 B2, WO 2012078254 A3, Issued: Sep 20, 2016
Argibay and W.G. Sawyer

High speed 3d printing system for wound and tissue replacement” WO 2016130953 A1, Pub. Date: Aug. 18, 2016
M. Marquez, T.E. Angelini, W.G. Sawyer, K.G. Rowe, T. Bhattacharjee, A. Fernandez-Nieves, Y-W. Chang

Adjustable interference progressive cavity pump/motor for predictive wear” US 20160208798 A1, Pub. Date: Jul 21, 2016
 W.G. Sawyer, D.B. Dooner

Mixtures, articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making these, and methods of using these” US 20160152916 A1, Pub. Date: Jun. 2, 2016
W.G. Sawyer, B.A. Krick, J.J. Ewin

Wear resistant lubricious composite” US 9243204 B2, Pub. Date: Jan. 26, 2016
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Coated particles, methods of making the same, and methods of use” US 9174886 B2, Pub. Date: Nov. 3, 2015
W.G. Sawyer, K.G. Rowe, A.R. Webber

System and method for analyzing random patterns” US 20150254524 A1, Pub. Date: Sept. 10, 2015
D.J. Dickrell III, W.G. Sawyer, R.D. Clark III

Contact lens with spatially heterogeneous surface patterns for improved lubricity” WO 2014012016 A1, Pub. Date: Jan. 16, 2014
T.E. Angelini, W.G. Sawyer, D. Meadows, H. Ketelson

In Situ Lubrication of Sliding Electrical Contacts”  US 7,960,317 B2  June 14, 2011
John C. Ziegert, W. Gregory Sawyer, David L. Burris

Reinforced hydrogel lures and bait” WO 2014014908 A1, Pub. Date: Jan. 23, 2014
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Inert wear resistant PTFE-based solid lubricant nanocomposite” US 8383561 B2, Pub. Date: Feb. 26, 2013
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Fertilizer composition incorporating fibrous material for enhanced particle integrity” WO 2012129487 A3, Pub. Date: Jan. 3, 2013
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Low-wear fluoropolymer composites” WO 2012158650 A1, Pub. Date: Nov. 22, 2012
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Articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making the same, and methods of use” US 20120289442 A1, Pub. Date: Nov. 15, 2012   W.G. Sawyer, B.A. Krick, G.S. Blackman, C.P. Junk

Epoxy resin composites and methods of use thereof” US 20120282456 A1, Pub. Date: Nov. 8, 2012
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Micro-molded integral non-line-of sight articles and method” US 8231948 B2, WO 2007022267 A3, Issued: Jul 31, 2012
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Inert wear resistant fluoropolymer-based solid lubricants, methods of making, and methods of use” WO 2010057163 A3, US 20110195879 A1, Pub. Date: Aug 19, 2010
 W.G. Sawyer

Roller brushes for electrical machinery” US 20100156236 A1, Pub. Date: Jun. 24, 2010
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Prosthetic device” US 20070255412 A1, Pub. Date: Nov. 1, 2007
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Multilayer Low Friction and Low Wear Polymer/Polymer Composites Having Compositionally Graded Interfaces” Feb. 9, 2006
W. Gregory Sawyer and David L. Burris

Endodontic files made using bulk metallic glasses” US 20040072124 A1, Pub. Date: Apr. 15, 2004
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Utility knife with improved slide” US 5406707 A, Pub Date: Apr. 18, 1995
R.L. Owens, W.G. Sawyer